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Electric Dinosaur Car Toy, Cool Lights & Simulated Dinosaur Sounds, Mouth Open & Close, Smoke Spray, Rotating Lamp, Kids Toy (Green)

Electric Dinosaur Car Toy, Cool Lights & Simulated Dinosaur Sounds, Mouth Open & Close, Smoke Spray, Rotating Lamp, Kids Toy (Green)

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    Dinosaur car toyDinosaur Car Toy | with Lights & Music | Wt.- 388 gm (with box) | Green Color | Including Water Feeder | Dynamic Sound Effects | Best Toy for kids - from Raregets
  1. Realistic Dinosaur Design:

    • The toy features a captivating and realistic dinosaur design, appealing to kids who love dinosaurs.
  2. Vibrant Green Color:

    • The dinosaur car is presented in a vibrant green color, adding to its visual appeal.
  3. Electric Powered:

    • Powered by electricity, this toy ensures smooth and dynamic movements for an exciting play experience.
  4. Colorful Rotating Lights & Music:

    • Engaging and dynamic, the toy is equipped with colorful rotating lights that create a visually stimulating effect. Additionally, it plays lively music, enhancing the overall playtime experience.
  5. Mouth Open & Close Feature:

    • The dinosaur's mouth can open and close, allowing for interactive play and giving a lifelike touch to the toy.
  6. Real Sound Effects:

    • With authentic sound effects, the dinosaur toy produces roars and other lifelike sounds, adding an extra layer of realism to the playtime experience.
  7. Smoke Spray with Water Feeder:

    • A unique feature of the toy is its smoke spray mechanism. It emits a harmless, water-based smoke, creating a visually exciting effect that mimics the idea of the dinosaur breathing smoke.
  8. Interactive Water Feeder:

    • The toy includes a water feeder that can be used to refill the smoke spray system, encouraging kids to actively participate in the play.
  9. Safe and Non-Toxic Materials:

    • Crafted from safe and non-toxic materials, the toy prioritizes the safety of children during play.
  10. Educational and Imaginative Play:

    • The toy promotes imaginative play, allowing children to create their own dinosaur adventures. It also offers educational opportunities, sparking curiosity about prehistoric creatures.
  11. Easy to Operate:

    • Designed for simplicity, the toy is easy for kids to operate, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable playtime.
  12. Battery Powered:

    • The toy is powered by batteries, providing the convenience of portability and avoiding the need for constant connection to an electrical source.
  13. Durable Construction:

    • Built with durability in mind, the toy is sturdy enough to withstand the playful handling of energetic kids.
  14. Ideal Gift for Kids:

    • With its combination of lights, music, movement, and unique features, this dinosaur car makes for an excellent and entertaining gift for children.
  15. Age-Appropriate:

    • Suitable for a specific age range (3+ yrs old kids), ensuring that the toy is safe and enjoyable for the intended audience.

This Electric Dinosaur Car Toy offers a comprehensive and exciting play experience for kids, combining entertainment with educational elements.

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