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Dragon BallZ Kid Goku with Flying Nimbus Base, Fish Tank Aquarium Decor, Car Mirror Hanging, B'day Gift for Kids (7.5 cm)

Dragon BallZ Kid Goku with Flying Nimbus Base, Fish Tank Aquarium Decor, Car Mirror Hanging, B'day Gift for Kids (7.5 cm)

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  1. Kid Goku Figure:

    • The figure represents the youthful and energetic Kid Goku from the iconic anime series Dragon Ball Z.
    • Kid Goku is featured in his classic orange martial arts gi with a blue undershirt and a Power Pole strapped to his back.
    • The sculpting captures the character's likeness and dynamic personality.
  2. Flying Nimbus Base:

    • The figure comes with a detailed and sculpted Flying Nimbus cloud base.
    • The Nimbus cloud serves as both a support for the figure and a thematic element that enhances the overall presentation.
    • The clear stand gives the illusion of Goku floating in mid-air, adding a touch of magic to the display.
  3. Fish Tank Aquarium Decor:

    • The figure and its Nimbus base are designed to be submerged in a fish tank or aquarium, creating a unique and vibrant underwater scene.
    • The materials used are safe for aquatic environments, ensuring the well-being of fish and other aquatic life.
    • Adds a playful and imaginative element to aquariums, making it an excellent decor choice for fans of Dragon Ball 
  4. Car Mirror Hanging Accessories:

    • The compact size (7.5 cm) makes this figure suitable for use as a car mirror hanging accessory.
    • Designed with a small loop or hook for easy hanging, allowing fans to showcase their love for Dragon Ball Z on the go.
    • Adds a personalized touch to the interior of the car, making it a fun accessory for fans.
  5. Birthday Gift for Kids:

    • With its versatile use, vibrant design, and compact size, this Kid Goku figure makes an ideal birthday gift for kids.
    • The figure captures the essence of Goku's adventurous spirit, making it a thoughtful and exciting present for young fans of the series.
    • The collectible nature of the figure adds value, making it a memorable and cherished gift.

In summary, this Dragon Ball Z Kid Goku figure with Flying Nimbus Base is a multi-functional and appealing item that can be enjoyed as a collectible, aquarium decor, car accessory, and a delightful birthday gift for kids who love the Dragon Ball Z series.

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