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DBZ Set of 7 PVC Figures with Flying Nimbus Cloud, Goku Gohan Chibi Master Roshi Yamcha Kuririn Bulma, Ideal Gift for Fans (8-10.5cm)

DBZ Set of 7 PVC Figures with Flying Nimbus Cloud, Goku Gohan Chibi Master Roshi Yamcha Kuririn Bulma, Ideal Gift for Fans (8-10.5cm)

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       Dragon Ball Z Characters - Set of 7 figures | Height - 8 to 10.5 cm | Wt.- 410 gm |             with Flying Nimbus Cloud Base | Best Gift for DBZ Fans - from Raregets
  1. Set Contents:

    • The set includes seven PVC figures featuring popular characters from Dragon Ball Z (DBZ).
    • Characters included in the set: Goku, Gohan, Chibi Master Roshi, Yamcha, Kuririn, Bulma, and a figure of the Flying Nimbus Cloud.
  2. Material:

    • Each figure is made from high-quality PVC material, ensuring durability and a detailed finish.
    • PVC is known for its ability to capture intricate details, making the figures visually appealing to fans.
  3. Size:

    • The figures measure between 8 to 10.5 centimeters in height, making them a compact and collectible size.
    • Perfect for display on shelves, desks, or in a dedicated Dragon Ball Z collection.
  4. Character Details:

    • Each figure is meticulously designed to capture the essence of the respective character.
    • Goku and Gohan figures showcase their iconic poses and expressions, while Master Roshi, Yamcha, Kuririn, and Bulma figures reflect their unique personalities and traits.
  5. Flying Nimbus Cloud:

    • The set includes a figure of the Flying Nimbus Cloud, a legendary and iconic mode of transportation in the Dragon Ball universe.
    • This adds an extra element to the set, making it a comprehensive collection for fans.
  6. Ideal Gift for Fans:

    • The set is explicitly marketed as an ideal gift for Dragon Ball Z fans.
    • Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion for fans of all ages who appreciate the Dragon Ball Z series.
  7. Versatile Display:

    • The figures are designed for versatile display options, allowing fans to showcase their favorite characters in various settings.
    • The compact size makes them suitable for both personal collections and display cabinets.
  8. Attention to Detail:

    • The figures showcase a high level of attention to detail, from facial expressions to clothing and accessories, staying true to the anime's art style.
  9. Collector's Item:

    • Given the detailed design and inclusion of popular characters, the set is positioned as a collector's item for Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts.
  10. Packaging:

    • The set is likely to come in attractive packaging, enhancing its appeal for both collectors and gift-givers.
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